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Session Guitarist Adam Ward poses on an orange amplifier next to a pink guitar


Ever since I first picked up the guitar, I have never wanted to put it down! There was something about plugging into an amp and cranking it up that immediately captivated me. As a result, I knew that this was what I wanted to pursue.


I started joining bands in my teenage years and playing for anyone who would have me, which soon developed into a passion that took me through University to study music performance and cut my teeth on my first professional session jobs. 

After graduating I moved to London, where I have now been based for 8 years working as a professional guitarist, songwriter and teacher. Throughout this time I have performed and toured with some incredibile artists, recorded on 100's of projects and taught lots of amazing students, both here in London and all over the world virtually. 

Thanks for stopping by my website to find a bit more about me. You can find lots of information about projects I work on and how we can collaborate together.  Please don't hesitate to reach out with anything at all!

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