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My name is Adam, I’m a session guitarist from London and I’ve been fortunate to play on a lot tracks in the EDM genres. I have accrued millions of plays on streaming platforms and have had my music featured on CloudKid, Trap Nation, Night Blue, Xkito and more. You can check some of these out here!

On this page you will find song ideas for various EDM genres. Each track consists of multiple chord progressions and melodies so that writing beats and top-lining the track around it should be a breeze.  Take a listen below…

Egzod & Biometrix - Isolation ft. Micah Martin

Egzod & Biometrix - Isolation ft. Micah Martin

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The ideas are available on a first come, first serve basis. Once we have agreed on splits/royalties, they will be removed from this page and no longer available to others. You will receive Dry, Wet and No FX stems (amp modelling with no reverb/delay) so mixing can be flexible. Each idea can be adapted by re-writing or recording sections if necessary. 

I am also happy to start projects from scratch, so hit me up and we can make something tailored to your sound. I will be posting on here regularly, so make sure to save the link and check back for new ideas or if you want to be notified when new Ideas are put up, you can sign up here for email updates.



Let me know which idea you want and I'll get back to you asap!

Thanks for submitting, I'll get back to you soon! 🤟

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